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FLEXTAIL VILLA LANTERN-Vintage LED Rechargeable Camp Lantern

FLEXTAIL VILLA LANTERN-Vintage LED Rechargeable Camp Lantern

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Retro Industrial Design Lantern

VILLA LANTERN, also known as the City of Light, was inspired by old televisions. Composed of 64 parts, the housing is fully CNC machined metal. Combined with a minimalist and contemporary design, VILLA LANTERN is a unique retro lantern on the market.

Easy-to-operate and Color Temperature Switch

By turning the knob on the right, you can easily switch from bright lights for working outdoors at night to soft lights that create a calming atmosphere. On the other hand, by turning the knob on the left, you can choose between white and warm light depending on the scene and mood. The reason we use knobs instead of buttons to adjust brightness and color temperature is because we want you to light up your favorite lights nostalgicly and intuitively.

Exquisite and Compact, Easy to Carry

The square "Villa Lantern" which is different from the LED lantern can also be used as an interior decoration. It measures 80x130x67 mm, making it the perfect size in the palm of your hand, so it fits into tight spaces in your home or shop.
The convenient outdoor handle also helps you hang this nostalgic vintage style lantern indoors or out. Whether placed or hung, it is sure to play a role in creating a stylish space.

Rugged Material and IPX5 Waterproof

VILLA LANTERN adopts aluminum case parts and CNC processing, so it can be used normally even if it is dropped from a height of 60 cm. The waterproof standard is IPX5, and it can work normally even if splashed with water.

4000mAh Built-in Lithium Battery

The portability of Villa Lantern depends on the fact that we have added a 4000mAh lithium battery inside. The minimum brightness (25 lumens) can last 72 hours, and 4.5 hours for the maximum brightness (600 lumens).

Type-C Charging Port

Villa Lantern charging terminal uses USB Type-C, and the remaining power can be judged by the brightness of the three lights that appear when the power switch is turned on. When charging, the lantern will glow like breathing, which is pleasing to the eye.

What's in the Box

- Size: 11.5*6*8 CM

- Weight: 370 Grams

- Battery: 4000Mah

- Brightness: 25 Lumens (72 Hours) 

  / 600 Lumens (4.5 Hours)

- Color Temperature: 3500K-4500K

- Waterproof: IPX5

We provide a One-year warranty on all products! (Accessories not included)

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